Carpet & Floor

Tampa commercial floor cleaning services offered by AJQ Services include a full range of carpet and flooring care, including cleaning, sealing and polishing.

We know it is equally important to have a good cleaning service and good quality floor service for your facility. Not all Tampa floor cleaning services provide the same level of care, so it’s important to do your research when selecting a professional.
Whether it’s vinyl, tile and grout, wood, or carpet, the experts at AJQ Services can clean and maintain your floors to keep them looking their best. We use skilled experts, powerful equipment and premium cleaning solutions to deliver excellent results.
We care about your flooring and will inspect it beforehand to determine if pretreatment is necessary. Whether you have 1,000 square feet of carpet or 100,000 square feet, we can clean it. We have portable steam carpet cleaning equipment, as well as a truck mount available for larger jobs such as medical facilities and high rises.
When it comes to hard floor surfaces, every floor is different and has different needs when it comes to cleaning. We clean all of them.

Call us today for assistance in keeping your floors clean, shiny, dry and beautiful.


Carpet care services:

• Steam cleaning • Hot water extraction cleaning
• Encapsulation cleaning • Spot cleaning

Floor care services:

• Stripping • Sealing • Waxing • Tile and grout cleaning
• Wood floor cleaning and refinishing • Vinyl stripping, sealing and waxing

Stone floor care services:

• Marble cleaning, sealing and polishing • Terrazzo cleaning, sealing and polishing • Travertine cleaning and sealing • Granite cleaning, sealing and polishing